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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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impossible to miss. skyline county park was covered in it. >> we were supposed to go up to tahoe this week. and actually the storm was a little bit too much to get up there. didn't want to drive in that mess. it was nice having this nearby. >> we wasn't expecting to be like this. like little snow but it's like tahoe in bay area. >> also means bay area drivers who aren't used to the snow are hitting the mountains. this man's car got stuck in the snow. >> people came and offered to push. including the very helpful sheriff who pointed out that i shouldn't be parking there. >> caltran's truck started plowing the roads overnight when the fresh snow started falling, it's barely let up since. >> the heavy snowfall has forced road crews to shut down two parts of the mountain area including empire grade near fountain and that portion of highway 9 at fair creek road.
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but the dangerous driving conditions weren't just in the mountains. this driver hydroplaned after high 17 down the side of the road and eventually flipped over into a creek. emergency crews had to rappel down the embankment to save them. they reach in there, get the seat belt undone and pulled him out. >> that driver suffered only minor injuries. highway patrol is not calling in extra officers for this storm but they are focusing on highway 17. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> all the snow is making for some perfect conditions in the sierra. in is a live look at the sierra, i-80 at the truckee scale. you can see a lot of snow alongside the freeway. roads look clear, traffic very light at this hour and this point no chain controls in the sierra. a different story yesterday at highway 50. traffic was rather difficult because of the weather combined with the crowd of people driving
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up for the presidents' day holiday, skiers and borders capitalized on the 8 feet of snow from the last storm. >> it started off a little slow because of chain controls but caltrain did a wonderful job, now 80 is wide open. we got a good turnout. >> thousands of people battled the storm to get to the snow but they say the fresh powder was well worth the trip. incredible pictures from our abc 7 viewers. steven and christine said this snow which scene at highway 9 in the santa cruz mountains, here's a guy trying to mountain bike in the slush in the mount tam area, courtesy of jordan herman. a couple of e-mails. this picture of their daughters posing with two snowpeople they built with a little help from mom and dad in just 10 minutes. this was taken at saratoga in highway 9. you can send us your photos or video or you can e-mail to us.
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conditions are pretty perfect in the sierra but back here in the bay area we are getting a break from the rain. let's go to meteorologist lisa argen who has a quick check on the weather you can expect later today. >> good morning. boy, is it cold out there. when i opened the car door, it was like glass breaking. a hard frost in the bay area. temperatures low 30s here with a clear sky but further south of the bay we have a few more clouds. that's why temperatures are low 40s but also some fog to contends with as well, especially our north bay valleys. live doppler 7 hd does show that we are clear this morning but watch out for that fog, the black ice. here's a look at our radar composite, that low that wanted to hang around. weak high pressure building in. that's going to bring in some sunshine. warm up just a little bit and more clouds for presidents' day.
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>> radios failed once again at the scene of a shooting yesterday. they tried to lock down an inn at the airport. radio problems have plagued oakland police during the past couple months. oakland police say there is a reward of up to $20,000 for information that helps solve a double homicide. a 31-year-old man and 27-year-old woman were shot as they sat in their car on 62nd avenue and hilton street. they are the 18th and 19th homicide in oakland this year. that is more than double the number of killings at the same time last year. pg&e says a faulty water heater is to blame for a carbon monoxide leak that sent a woman and her daughter to the hospital
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yesterday. they are okay. fire officials say hundreds of people die from carbon monoxide every year. it is an odorless gas but homeowners can install carbon monoxide detectors to pick up any leaks. still ahead at 5:00, the giants' first team workout together since the world series. more from spring training. plus protests in wisconsin [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪ bui've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do.
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[ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. >> it is day five now of the protest against wisconsin governor and his push to cut the pay and collective bargaining rights of public workers. yesterday saw the largest crowds yet, tens of thousands of dueling protests swarm the garden there. more an the debate. >> first police in riot gear and then protestors. (chanting) >> tens of thousands, the biggest crowd yet in the capital and heart of this city. most state workers with proposed budget cuts that slash benefits and cut at the heart of union tower, the right to collective bargaining. >> hey, hey! >> some are demanding a recall of the governor who just took office here six weeks ago. >> we are a strong middle class
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and that was built on the back of unions. >> today it's smaller but equally as passionate crowd supporting the governor led by tea party activists. >> small business owners walt and karen mecido want their voice to be heard. >> public employees have been like the cadillac of employees and it's gotta stop. >> we cannot continue in la la land about paying the union people so much money. >> two union school teachers, two opposing views. >> he's not busting the union. >> if you take away -- >> if you believe that -- i work for the university. did you hear me. >> i've worked for the university. >> frustration simmers just beneath the boil. a national debate over who suffers most in state crippling
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deficits. a dozen are targeting union workers and their benefits. parking lot 14 democratic senators who fled the state to stop the vote. >> we no longer have the ability to slow things down. >> overseas death toll now rising in libya as thousands of protestors take to the streets for the sixth day there. journalists are not allowed to work freely in the country but witnesses provide video. libyan forces have shot dozens of anti-government protestors and there are unconfirmed reports of up to 300 deaths. the demonstrators are trying to overthrow moammar qaddafi that ruled that country over 42 years. bahrain, no violence reported today but anti-government protestors continue to chant for the royal family to step down. now gathered in the nation's capital including striking
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workers and teachers. bahrain rulers are holding talks with opposition leaders. the navy's fifth fleet is based in bahrain. somali pirates have hijacked an american yacht and taken four people on board hostage. two are from southern california. jean and scott adam have been sailing aboard the yacht quest since december 2004. they're members of an l.a. yacht club and run a bible ministry. pirates reportedly hijacked the boat yesterday two days after a somali pirate was sentenced to 33 years in prison in new york for a 2009 hijacking. a little break from the rain. >> yeah, finally. get the gloves out and put the umbrella away for a couple days. temperatures are below freezing in parts of our north bay valleys where we have fog, we have low 40s downtown oakland, san francisco. we are on our way to some sunshine today. mini warm-up.
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i'll tell you about it coming up. >> a big finale for the chinese new year. how thousands of parade watchers celebrated in san francisco. ♪ ♪ ye ♪ look, they fit! oh my gosh, are those the jeans from last year? how'd you do it? simple stuff... eating right...whole grain. whole grain?
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welcome back to abc 7 news this morning. a live picture of the golden gate bridge. not a lot of traffic and not a lot of moisture on the bridge. things are going to be drying out for the day. we'll have the whole forecast in just a few moments. despite the rain, hundreds of thousands of people turned out for this year's chinese new year's parade in san francisco last night. >> here along with hundreds of volunteers there are 26 floats and lots of marching bands with drums and fireworks. this is the year of the rabbit and the lunar calendar year is 4708. among the spectators was five-year-old siena who wished everyone a happy new year. >> say it a little louder. >> he man qua la. >> living in san francisco 27 years and it's the first time i come tos chinese new years.
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>> the people get to see all the family and wave out like they're rock stars or something. it's fun. everybody's screaming at you and they have a good time. >> the parade lasted about two and a half hours and two weeks of chinese new year's event. scientists completed the first cosmic census in our galaxy. there are 15 plants in the milky way. 500 million are in the zone that life could exist. the numbers were calculated from the planet-hunting keppler telescope. we have more urge concerns and that's nice weather. >> how much warmer temperatures. 5 to 7 degrees warmer today. that's thanks to some sunshine out there. a live look outside from our sutro camera. we do have the clear sky in many parts of the bay area and that's going to aid in some of those slippery roadways. we've got some freezing fog and
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that moisture that just froze on top of your car or your driveway. so do be careful. look at all the 30s. 31 napa, 30 santa rosa, 35 the livermore valley. we have fog in concord at 34. quarter mile visibility from napa, concord and santa rosa and i expect some of that fog to continue to spread across the bay. a few more clouds down around the south part of the bay but still chilly for you, partly cloudy. good morning, redwood city, 39 for you. so we are looking at a big improvement later on today, although this morning -- can you believe it -- even colder than it was yesterday with 12 degrees colder in napa, 3 degrees colder in oakland and i said a little warmer here from the east bay down into the south bay. so we will be looking at good visibility from oakland, san francisco. a quarter mile to the north and san jose just over a mile. so we will be warming up a
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little bit today. but this morning, remember, the black ice, the frost is around. partly sunny and a cool afternoon today. a slight chance of showers comes our way monday. i think it will miss us though. here's what's going on. this area of low pressure finally slid to the south of us. weak high pressure building in today so sunshine and temperatures responding to that sunshine. here's an area of low pressure and it is going to travel to the south but i think it's going to stay further away from the coast and that will allow for us to probably enjoy a dry presidents' day. if it has it a little closer we could see showers particularly in the north bay in the afternoon on monday. live doppler 7 hd, you can see around tracy a few areas of sprinkles but elsewhere we are dry and we will enjoy some sunshine today, a break from the rain. in fact, much of the week does look dry, although we will be looking at renewed chance of
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rain come the end of the week. 30s in the northern sierra. 38 yosemite with partly cloudy skies. 60 in los angeles today. back home 55 san jose, 56 campbell. peninsula 53. san mateo, a little breezy with low 50s later on this afternoon. 52 downtown. and in the north bay look for numbers to get out of the 40s for the most part if you're clear lake. over the hills look for a sunny afternoon with 53 in pleasanton and over the monterey bay. 52 along the case. presidents' day notice we're dry. by the end of the work week back to cold showers with numbers in the 40s. >> with all those billions of planets we had it pretty good today. >> i think so. >> the first full squad workout since the world series. we were able to see it. collin has that and much more.
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>> a bracket buster game, 23rd ranked saint mary's hosting utah state last night. both mid-majors, both needing a win to solidify tournament hopes. they needed him in uniform. gails going wild. mickey mcconnell. shooting hat tricks. 16 for mickey. cutting mitchell young. he leaves in saint marry's run. here come the aggies. pain. pain to brady jarden. outscore the gails 75-65. second place up for grabs in the west coast conference. spokean, 13 for the dawns. santa clara and portland in monroe city. kevin foster 30 feet.
5:21 am
kids call that rush range on the street. foster with 29. broncos down 3 at the break. control in the second half. jack's kids. luke finishing santa clara falls by 10, 78-68. in the pac 10, they got threatel threateled -- throttled on the farm. not a lot of positive for head coach in this one. nicole for three, 19 points, 14 rebounds for the big man. trojans by 56, 59-43. consistent with the glove. suspect a tire decision like shuman explains from spring training. >> one of the many great stories on the giants world series run
5:22 am
last year was first baseman aubrey huff. he'd never been to the playoffs in his nine-year career. he led the team in home runs in r.b.i. and was rewarded with a two-year $20 million contract. what he also brought to the table was clubhouse leadership and, of course, the red thong. aubrey told us today it ain't comin' back. >> served its purpose. >> did it? >> had to take a lot of chafing for that for a while. i won't do that again. >> gotta be kind of nice. have a lot of familiar faces. we brought mainly everybody back. as you win the world series, you want to defend it with the same team you have. a great group of guys, great clubhouse. >> i'm mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> guy's classic. the clippers play griffin, jumpeds over a car. showcased his skills. all-star saturday night in the
5:23 am
nba. mark wahlberg there but not you and not you and not you. flashing a passing and dribbling arsenal. a lucky high school student gets a $3,000 scholarship. finished with 11 points. did not advance out of the first round. why is baron davis in the car. why is that car under the hoop. why am i asking so many questions? in the slam dunk competition. he's got his mask, jersey. little dude is ready to play. from the tank, splitting to the fence and where you been all year, my man? scored later in the first and the third period breakaway. back in the net, his first career hat trick. four times and shut out colorado. huge night in vegas last night between two of the best little boxers in the world. huge fight that is.
5:24 am
one is local and is known as the filipino flash. wbo and wbc titles on the line. you talk about packing a punch. this is crazy. with today's slow motion captured, look at this. the left hook to monthel's head. technical lockout. 25th straight win. his iconic status will only grow larger in the philippines. mike shumann continues his spring training coverage from scottsdale and larry beil in with the rest of the day in sports including daytona 500 highlights. have a great day, everyone. >> i felt that punch. winter has returned to the bay area and has brought snow to some lower elevations. also a crackdown on crack pipes in san francisco.
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and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. ♪ >> a rare sight in the bay area, snowfall at elevations as low as 1500 feet. looked like a blizzard from our high definition camera. up in the sierra it has final cleared up after snowing as much as 8 feet over the past few days. a live look at the camera at 267 where everything is clear.
5:28 am
the snow brought out people in the south bay. drivers even made a trip up the treacherous highway 17 to santa cruz to catch a glimpse of the unusual weather. more from santa cruz. >> signs on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains warn of slippery road conditions. the concern here is black ice which could catch drivers by surprise. but earlier today the only concern some children had was what to do in the snow. (laughter) >> the afternoon air along skyline boulevard was filled with the sounds of excitement. here in the santa cruz mountains, some parents gave their children a special treat. >> i just think they have to experience it. >> my kids begged me to come up here. >> the snowfall may have been a treat for parents and children but some drivers found the snow confining. >> we dug and people came and offered to push, including the very helpful sheriff who pointed out i shouldn't be parking there. >> road conditions may have been
5:29 am
treacherous in the mountains but the car flipped over and ran down into a creek. >> the victim was trapped inside there. was able to reach in there and get his seat belt undone and pulled him out. >> snow is now gone but drivers are cautious that the road remai remains dank russ. >> the berkeley hills got a light dusting. this is grisly peak. there was enough for a snowball fight. a viewer sent in this video from mount hamilton showing a scene that looks more like what we saw in the sierra. now with five straight days and snowfall, the mountains with nearly per effect conditions. it was difficult yesterday because of the snow combined with a large number of people driving up during the president's day holiday. more from the sierra. >> stephanie tran and her
5:30 am
friends came from the sierra all the way from san jose to do what thousands attempted to do. >> the best weather i've had so far. >> like all the others, the mountain resort was packed with those capitalizing on the 8 feet of snow our last storm dropped. >> absolutely came the perfect p time, right before the presidents' weekend, the crowds got up here. >> allowed late snowgoers to fill cash regioners at resorts and shops. >> caltrain did a wonderful job clearing i-80. now it's wide open. we got a good turnout. >> these stores aren't always about the resort and ski shops. sometimes not to find these hidden gems, you know, the free ones. >> where are your pants? oh! >> he has 'em. >> that guy over there. >> actually only one pair for the ride home but we got stuck
5:31 am
overnight. >> i've never been around this much snow. i'm having a last. >> let's go on the lift again! >> even if the mini slopes aren't for everyone, everyone agrees this snow definitely is. >> it's like even sled but the snow is definitely great. >> we are getting some incredible weather pictures from our abc 7 viewers. in the santa cruz mountains this was the snowy scene on skyline boulevard from heather keller. jim cahill e-mailed this photo. they received a foot of snow in clear lake over the past few days, something he hadn't seen since 1972. susan forwarded this picture also at clear lake. susan says they picked up about 5 inches of snow in the last two days. you can send us your photos or videos but uploading it or e-mailing it. rain and slick roads may have
5:32 am
been to blame for a crash in san mateo. a driver appears to have lost control and plowed into a rite aid store at laurelwood shopping center on hills day boulevard. this happened yesterday. no one though was injured in that accident. a downed tree closed piedmont avenue in berkeley. crews were called in to clear the road at the intersection at channingway yesterday. they had to use chain saws to open up the road again. the tree was uprooted at the u.c. berkeley campus. the former commander of the state narcotics task force has acknowledged stealing and selling drugs that were seized during raids. norman welsh was arraigned friday on 28 felony counts. he did not enter a plea. his client fell into debt after his daughter needed a bone marrow transplant. while she's accused of selling the drugs with christopher
5:33 am
butler, a private investigator. butler is facing the same charges as welsh. san francisco now launching a crackdown on crack pipes. the city attorney filed suit in san francisco superior court against a half dozen shops that sell drug paraphernalia. the store owners feel they're being unfairly targeted. >> crystal meth pipes and crack pipes. >> san francisco city attorney is pointing to pictures of illegal drug paraphernalia, confells skated not from drug dealers but from local stores in the mission and excelsior neighborhoods. >> there's are specialized instruments that had no other purpose, no other legitimate purpose than to be used or to encourage use of illicit drugs. >> six mug shots and three property owners named in a lawsuit filed today in superior court. one is across the street from a
5:34 am
public library. act -- activists complained for years. it led to a police investigation. >> we started off with admonishments and then seizures and then undercover operations. >> one of those targeted, mission gifts and tobacco. >> the police came by. >> said you cannot sell this stuff, this stuff. i said we been here ten years. >> at platinum wireless the owner still offers bombs considered legal because they can be considered tobacco as well as marijuana. but he no longer sells illegal paraphernalia and doesn't know why he's being sued. >> he said only six more get sued and i don't know how many in the city. i think they only pick whoever they wanna pick. >> the city attorney says there are other shops in san francisco violating the law but he calls
5:35 am
those listed in this lawsuit the most egregious. we checked with police and prosecutors around the bay area. none have smoke shops on their radar as priorities. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> well, timing is everything. just in time for your sunday we're going to get some nice weather. >> that's right! although it is cold out there now. below freezing in the north bay. black ice, freezing fog. san francisco how about 40 across the bay in oakland. 38, brrrr! we will warm a little today. i'll detail that forecast for you next. >> still ahead a look what could
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>> welcome back to abc 7 news. this is a live picture from mount sutro where you see traffic picking up on the bay bridge. even 5:39 absolutely clear as a bell and sparkling out there this morning. we'll look what's going to become the pentagon's newest weapon, the hummingbird. we've seen what those unmanned drone aircraft can do but now a robotic bird that can hover without the enemy knowing. >> this hummingbird won't soon be landing on your backyard bird feeder. it could be taken overseas. a nanohummingbird, a pocket-size drone and could soon be a powerful weapon for the pentagon. >> this is the first aircraft that's been developed that flies
5:39 am
with two flappy wings. >> watch the box on the upper left as it takes flight outdoors flapping its wings. what it sees, the pentagon sees. the bird becomes a sort of bond, spying as it flies. it's really an agent with better than a bird's-eye view of 360 view. pentagon spent about $4 million so far building these birds. they can fly forward, backward, they can whoever. enter a fine line, cable line watching over someone without them ever knowing. they are far smaller and more discreet than the drones used by the pentagon and the c.i.a. earlier this year an exclusive look as they operated the drone some 8,000 miles away over afghanistan. >> that's what you're watching. >> yes. >> we met with two-men teams. those drones carry hell fire
5:40 am
missile. the humming birds cannot. but what that bird can do is fly right over an enemy's shoulder and the troops with carry those birds right inside their pockets. they have a wind span of 6.5 inches. they weigh less than a a battery. at first flying 20 seconds, now they're in the air ten minutes. >> they're going to have a very short range. but it's to get video imagery back from a target site. >> david muir reporting. while the pentagon is developing the humming birds, they don't know when they'll be deployed. keep an eye out for humming birds now. finally a break in the rain but it's chilly. >> definitely cold. below freezing in the north bay valley. even upper 30s in oakland this morning. a live look outside. we have mainly clear skies everywhere. and with all that moisture there's black ice, there's fog. do be careful out there. the sun coming up at 5:53 today. will be setting at 6:53, setting
5:41 am
at 5:54. a lot of sunshine today. finally we do deserve it, don't you think. we're looking at our numbers which are all pretty darn cold. 38 los gatos, 36 half moon bay, 35 livermore. the fog is from santa rosa, napa, concord and we're looking at a little bit more moving into the livermore valley. 36 oakland and 41 san francisco. so it will take some time to warm up because we are colder than yesterday. 12 degrees colder at the napa valley, 8 degrees colder in santa rosa. the south half of the bay, east bay, san jose, los gatos a little warmer due to those low clouds and fog. with that the visibility is reduced a little in san jose. more so in napa and santa rosa at half mile to a quarter mile. looking good at the airport and at our coast. so this morning waking up to the freezing cold temperatures, black ice for us. partly sunny and cool today. temperatures coming up 5 to 7 degrees though and we will be looking at a slight chance of
5:42 am
showers on presidents' day. here's the low. you can see the spin in the atmosphere sliding south in southern california. a weak ridge of high pressure building in its wake. another area of low pressure to the north and west of us. i think this one also not only taking a southerly track but enough away from the coast that we should allow for a dry day tomorrow. it it moves closer inland, maybe showers. should be light and back to a dry weather turn then on tuesday and wednesday. it's the end of the week. another cold storm heads our way. temperatures across the state today at low 30s with some clouds in the northern sierra. 38 southern sierra with 52 on the coast in monterey. upper 50s san diego so even cold there with a 60 in los angeles. back home warming up through the mid-50s today for you in campbell, 56. 53 milpitas. peninsula starting out very cold but then later on this afternoon, 53 san mateo. 51 pacifica.
5:43 am
downtown 52. that is about 8 to 10 degrees below your average this time of year but certainly better than yesterday. a little breezy at the coast but 54 sonoma. east bay low to mid-50s from richmond down to fremont. we'll call it partly cloudy in our inland valleys. about 53 dublin. a nice tradeoff. some of that snow melting today for sure. 52 in monterey. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, a slight chance of showers for the holiday. tomorrow and then dry tuesday, wednesday and we are back to normal for our rainfall. so we could use the break. but really not warming up too much in the week ahead. >> okay. thank you, lisa. some massive work from an ancient civilization in mexico. nobody knows where they came from or where they went. don sanchez offers us some clues. >> huge stones weighing up to 24
5:44 am
tons carved in impressive figures and designs. colossal heads made by using sharpened rocks or sand. dug by america's oldest civilization before the mayans, aztec or standards. >> egypt, the objects. >> he's fascinated by their sophistication and degrees of technical and scientific knowledge. >> it's about quality and significant works of art. i think the culture produced some of the most refined and elegant and simple works. >> leaving behind mostly massive pieces like this throne underscoring the power of the ruler. and yet there are some delicate surroundings and jade work. >> this face rather unique in the culture because he's smiling. what's most impressive is the scope and size of all these works and the minute detail being done with such simple instruments. but they're intriguing and
5:45 am
shrouded in mystery. seems to indicate they migrated from africa and asia that but where did it go? >> you can have a culture like this with art, religion, everything, different food apparently from what we know, anything. and then what happened to them? >> don't disappear like this. believe in many, many aspects. social groups. >> and why this exhibit is being marketed to the bay area hispanic community. >> to come here to see what are the historic roots of mexicans. the latino american people. >> it's here through may 8th. in san francisco don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> don't go away. next "7 on your side," a local family really paid the price of ♪ ♪
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see the difference? mmmm. i do. (announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. >> welcome back to abc 7 news. a live picture from mount tam looking across marin county and across the bay to the city of san francisco. you might see a little fog there in the distance this morning. if you are a burglar alarm, you
5:49 am
may know about the fines a lot of cities impose for false alarms. san francisco there's a fee just to own a burglar alarm. one couple found out they were not only paying the fee, they were overpaying. >> chris has just one alarm system in her san francisco house. so she wondered why was she getting two bills? >> the exposed charge. >> first the city sent this bill for $45 to cover her annual alarm license registration fee. then another invoice came, that one from bay alarm demanding $55 for what it called a city alarm permit. it sure seemed like two bills for the same thing. so she called bay city alarm.
5:50 am
there's a $45 annual fee. it's meant to hold owners accountable for all the false alarms going on. now owners can be fined. >> the false alarms have been dramatically increased. more freedom, more available to take care of real emergencies. >> but christian shouldn't have to pay two fees. found two licenses issued for their one-alarm system. bay alarm obtained one license, the other was in the name of christian's husband, rodriguez. >> he doesn't actually believe in alarms in the first place.
5:51 am
>> christian says her husband doesn't recall ever registering their alarm. still they've been double billed for the past three years. christian was delighted to receive this check for the full $125. >> good! i will definitely go out and get a glass of wine or something. one glass of wine. >> it is still a mystery as to how christian's husband got into the city's database. the city treasurer encouraging everybody to make sure they are registering their alarm and not paying twice. if you have a problem, let me know about it. go to i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> after several days a missing dog is found. how is wound up hundreds of miles away from its sacramento area home. force force [ alarm clock buzzing, indistinct conversations ] [ female announcer ] important events can sneak up on you.
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it's got warm, freshly baked cinnamon in one delicious heart healthy cereal. mmmm. can't you just taste it? try honey bunches of oats with cinnamon. heck, try 'em all. >> welcome back. the winning numbers from last night's superlotto, 6, 7, 12, 19, 30. the meganumber was 10. somebody won the jackpot so wednesday's drawing will be worth an estimated $7 million. a two-year-old dog that disappeared near sacramento was reunited with his owner after turning up more than 700 miles away. bear, a 20 pound terrier,
5:55 am
disappeared on tuesday. brian rap pose so didn't think he would see his dog ever again but a woman found bear and took the dog to the humane society in washington. >> somebody picked him up to keep him. he had a name tag on and his phone number, his name, my last name and i got no phone calls. >> the humane society used the dog's microchip to track down brian. they don't know how bear got to tacoma but one thing for sure, he hitched a ride somewhere along the way. winter returns to the bay area. another radio problem for oakland police. what they were doing [ female announcer ] toet fresh-baked rich, indulgent
5:56 am
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♪ in the news this sunday morning, a rare sight in the bay
5:58 am
area: snow! as well as 1500 feet. and perfect p conditions up in the sierra clog the highways as thousands make a mad dash to tahoe taking advantage of the three-day weekend. >> today more sunshine, temperatures going up a little bit but freezing cold this morning. >> good morning. i'm john allston. a rare sight in the bay area, snow. looks like a blizzard from our high definition camera. as much as 6 inches fell on some bay area peaks. the berkeley hills a light dusting as well. this is grisly peak. there was enough for a san mateo ball fight. here's mount diablo. snowed about halfway up the summit near juniper campground. a lot took advantage of the conditions. here's lisa amin gulezian in the south bay. (laughter) >> the sound of utter joy echos along skyline boulevard in the santa cruz mountains.
5:59 am
>> i got it! i got it! >> the one thing creating all of the excitement: snow. >> they just have to experience snow. it's cool stuff. >> my kids begged me to come up here. >> yeah. >> at around 3,000 feet, it was impossible to miss. sandborn skyline county park was covered in it. >> we were supposed to go up to tahoe this week, and actually the storm was a little bit too much to get up there. didn't want to drive in that mess. so it was nice having this nearby. >> we wasn't expected to be like this. we thought like little snow. but it's like tahoe in bay area. >> that also means bay area drivers who aren't used to the snow are hitting the mountains. this man's car got stuck in the snow. >> we dug and people came and offered to push, including the very helpful sheriff who pointed out that i shouldn't be parking there. >> caltran's trucks started
6:00 am
plowing toa


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